Leading With Your Gut

Growing Up Black in A Predominately White Culture

June 08, 2020 Jenna Renee Shellman/Shalanee Joyner Season 1 Episode 29
Leading With Your Gut
Growing Up Black in A Predominately White Culture
Show Notes

My childhood friend Shalanee Joyner joins me this week on Leading With Your Gut. In this episode, Shalanee and I discuss what it was like growing up amongst mostly predominately White people. Shalanee is a 34-year old light-skinned Black woman who grew up feeling like a chameleon; blending in mostly with Whiteness or White culture because it was easier. I'm a biracial Black woman who grew up never feeling good enough in either White or Black communities, but like Shalanee assimilated to mostly Whiteness because it was easier.

Shalanee and I share similar stories, experiences, and reflect upon the following:
-recognizing when we became aware of our racial differences as kids
-growing up in a predominately White neighborhood, going to White Schools, and having mostly White friends
-discriminatory and racists remarks against us
-privileges in favor and against us
-the importance of this movement and our hope that it's not just a trend
-how we can amplify our voice and our experiences
-the importance of Black voices
-how this is an issue of race, however until all marginalized groups are free, no one is free

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