Leading With Your Gut

Lessons From A Quitter with Goli Kalkhoran

November 30, 2020 Jenna Renee Shellman/Goli Kalkoran Season 1 Episode 44
Leading With Your Gut
Lessons From A Quitter with Goli Kalkhoran
Show Notes

Meet Goli Kalkoran; a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur. A courageous woman who quit practicing law; did a lot of soul-searching, tried a bunch of different things to figure out what she wanted to do next, and happened upon an idea that turned into a business. But the most interesting part of Goli's story and the reason behind her hit podcast and blog Lessons From A Quitter is the year-long journey it took her to really admit to herself that she wanted to quit being a lawyer and figure out how to start over. 

Goli is the quintessential risk-averse, people-pleasing, type-A personality individual. She studied hard in school, got good grades, and followed the predictable path to law school, never really questioning what being a lawyer actually meant. Not surprisingly, when she started practicing law, she hated it! But like most people who follow a traditional path by spending a lot of time, money, and energy to get that degree, Goli accepted that, regardless of her happiness, she had to work as a lawyer. Goli never even considered any other possibility than practicing law. Instead, Goli just daydreamed of winning the lottery. Does this resonate with you?

In this week’s episode of Leading With Your Gut, Goli shares how she was able to pivot from her burnout and create a life that she desired. We talk about the  layers of perfectionism and people-pleasing that Goli had to unravel to accept who she is really is; for her, and not for anyone else. After the show, please follow Goli and Lessons From A Quitter on social media and subscribe to her show.

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