Leading With Your Gut

The Courage to Ask for Help

October 28, 2021 Jenna Renee Shellman Season 2 Episode 2
Leading With Your Gut
The Courage to Ask for Help
Show Notes

This week on Leading With Your Gut, I share pieces of my life of when it’s been difficult for me to ask for help; something that has been challenging in adulthood. In this episode, I share stories as it relates to my personal health and the desire to be vulnerable and dependent upon on my community instead of being "strong" all the time.

In my adulthood, I went from believing that individualism and self-sufficiency were skills that held more value than learning how to be part of a community for support. For me, it takes courage to shift my mindset and to accept that asking for help does not equate to weakness.

At the end of the episode I offer a framework by Iyanla Vanzant from her book Get Over It! The framework is called the 4 A's: Awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, and action. This framework has helped shift my mindset and deepen my awareness, in general, and particularly in this area. 

If you have a hard time finding the courage to ask for help, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

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